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Perfect Fit has been helping Calgarians organize their lives since 2012, and we’re excited to be expanding our business to Vancouver. The west coast has always been home for Trevor, and we understand the unique problems many Vancouverites face. We’re confident that our business can help.

A growing struggle for many Vancouver families and professional, is the rising property costs. While the housing boom in Alberta busted a couple years ago, the Vancouver market has just kept pushing prices higher and higher. This has lead to Vancouverites facing the decision to either move away from their city or settle for a smaller home than they’d maybe like. And while a sprawling house can survive a little clutter, smaller homes need impeccable organization just to function. That’s where we come in. We work with you to design and structure the unique closet system your house needs. Our solutions often double a home’s storage space and effectively put an end to mess. We believe that the efficiency and harmony we bring to the homes and businesses of our clients are necessary services for a constantly growing Vancouver.

Perfect Fit is a Canadian owned and operated husband-wife team, but don’t make the mistake of thinking our small size means small ambitions. We are always thinking about the future, looking up the latest market trends, and we’re ready to grow and adapt to a changing world. Beyond the two of us, we also work with numerous skilled carpenters and experienced designers. We effectively bring creativity and beauty to down-to-earth tradework in order to build closets that are as elegant as they are practical.

Over the last half a decade, we’ve built our business on excellent customer service and quality installations. We’ve defined our success as entrepreneurs by our happy clients and the long-lasting relationships we’ve created over the years. We’re optimistic that the same integrity, attention to detail, and commitment that has served us so well in Calgary will help us to succeed in Vancouver. We look forward to growing our business on the west coast, and we can’t wait to introduce a new trend for exquisite, custom closets to Vancouver.

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