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Our Niche

At Perfect Fit Closets, we pride ourselves on offering custom organization solutions for homeowners across western Canada. We love working with our clients and watching how excited they are to declutter their lives and finally have the storage space they need. That’s why it’s important to us that we try to offer as many Canadians as possible the opportunity to rearrange their homes and lives. In order to live up to that ideal and to set us apart from our competitors, we offer our clients the following features:

Complimentary Tear-Out Services. Building a new closest takes space, and at Perfect Fit, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and tear-down required. Our team will remove any existing materials and do repairs like patching of affected holes and getting the space ready for paint. We provide our customers with this service for a couple reasons. First, it gives everyone on the team an opportunity to see the area we’ll be working in, and it allows us to make sure the tear-out is done right. Secondly, we want our clients to relax and not worry about a thing. We’ve created our business around making your life more convenient and less messy, and we want to start now!

Few homes are perfectly square, and the older the home the more likely it is you’ll have uneven walls and floors. Some businesses may be content to leave gaps between the wall (or floor) and the closet, but not us! We chose the name Perfect Fit for our business for a reason, and we stand by it. Our teams work out of fully-furnished vans so that they can measure and cut materials at our client’s home. Not matter how uneven or lopsided your walls or floor may be, we’ll accommodate the character of your house into our design. We refuse to leave gaps, and we guarantee a quality install for each and every client.

Since 2012, we’ve strived to create a business that stands out. We’re dedicated to open, honest communication, and we’re committed to bringing order and organization to our customer’s lives and homes. Homeowners in both Calgary and Vancouver have benefited from our services, and we measure our success by their satisfaction. If you’re looking for a custom organization solution for your home or business, the experts at Perfect Fit can help you to design and build it.

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