5mm Drill Bit H.001.41.168 (10 Pack)

Centering Drill Bit Holder (Line Boring Tool) H.001.28.600

Eco Drill Hinge Drilling R-M311000 – Purchase Directly Through Richelieu

Handle Drilling Jig H.001.35.001

Line Boring Tool H.001.27.007 (Recommend to Use with Centering Drill Bit Holder (Line Boring Tool) H.001.24.700) 

Pozi Drive Driver Bit H.006.37.285 (10 Pack)

Rafix Installer Kit Instructions

1A – Replacement Rafix Depth Guage H.001.28.750

1B – Replacement Rafix Drill H.001.24.426

1C – Rafix Red Jig with 5mm Hole Spacing H.001.25.631

1D – Replacement Rafix Stop Ring H.001.42.693

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