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Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds - Perfect Fit Closets - Murphy Beds Calgary

Like to save space? Do you have occasional overnight guests? A murphy bed might be the answer! We have three murphy bed solutions for you. Check them out! One of these might be the “perfect fit” for your space, giving you the versatility of dual-use rooms: office by day, bedroom by night! Flip-up desk murphy
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Not Your Grandma’s Wall Bed

Not Your Grandma’s Wall Bed - Perfect Fit Closets - Murphy Bed Calgary

Do you host a lot of overnight guests and want to give them a comfortable place to sleep, but don’t have a lot of space? With our new Murphy Bed line, you can make your home office easily convert into the perfect guest getaway! We have three types of Murphy Bed on offer, and it’s
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Why Wall Beds Can be Useful in the Winter Months

Are you preparing for a holiday gathering? Are you set to host a large party of friends and family members and struggling to figure out how you’re going to have enough room to accommodate your large family in your relatively small home? The holidays are a great time to bring the family together for a
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Need Space? Get a Wall Bed

wall beds calgary

Wall beds, aka Murphy beds, have been around since the late 1800’s. William Lawrence Murphy perfected the design and applied for the first patents in around 1900. They’re those beds that fold up flat against the wall or into an alcove when they aren’t in use. They became a staple of silent films and slapstick
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