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Building a Dream Garage

Garage Cabinets Calgary with Dirt Bikes

There probably isn’t a man in North America who doesn’t dream about his perfect garage – part man cave, part workshop, part storage facility. For most people though, the garage remains an underutilized, underappreciated part of their house. Most garages are like a black hole for clutter – stuff comes in, but it rarely comes
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Need Space? Get a Wall Bed

wall beds calgary

Wall beds, aka Murphy beds, have been around since the late 1800’s. William Lawrence Murphy perfected the design and applied for the first patents in around 1900. They’re those beds that fold up flat against the wall or into an alcove when they aren’t in use. They became a staple of silent films and slapstick
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Organizing Your Closets

cabinet makers calgary - jewelry inside nice cabinet

If you’re like a lot of people, you have a bedroom closet that’s bursting with so much stuff it’s like a treasure hunt every time you try to find something in it. Pants and shirts are hung willy-nilly on the single rod and eventually disappear, never to be seen again. The floor is covered with
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Making the Most of your Pantry

food rack - closet organizers calgary

Is your pantry a disorganized mess? Is there an avalanche of pots, pans, and cans every time you open the door? A pantry is one of the most heavily used areas in a house. It can be a joy to use or it can be a nightmare full of surprises whenever you venture into it.
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